Fairview Baptist Church Dayton, Ohio
Sunday, January 20, 2019

Weekly Announcements

Our Daily Bread
The Our Daily Bread devotionals are available in the foyer.
 A Chistian is:
A mind through which Christ thinks.
A heart through which Christ loves.
A voice through which Christ speaks.
A hand through which Christ helps.
A Chistian's ABCs
 Attend church faithfully.
Be careful what you say.
Consider carefully every decision.
Do right; fear to do wrong.
Endure hardships without complaint.
Forsake not your family and friends.
Go no place that would harm your influence.
Hate no one; do good to every person.
Ignore no person; practice hospitality.
Join hands with other righteous people.
Keep your mind pure.
Lie not; always tell the truth.
Minister to the needy.
Never try to appear to be what you are not.
Oppose evil.
Pay your debts promptly.
Question not the motives of others.
Remember all of God's gifts.
Sacrifice money rather than principle.
Think before you speak.
Use your time wisely.
Value the Bible above all books.
Watch your temper.
X-ray your thoughts.
Yield not to temptation.
Zealously labor for the Lord.